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Due Diligence

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Environmental Compliance

Expert Services to Meet Regulatory Requirements

Water Compliance

Get proper assessment and evaluation on stormwater/wastewater disposal compliance on industrial and construction sites.

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Air Compliance

There are strict regulations on maintaining air quality on industrial sites. Find out if your property complies with them.

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Waste Compliance

Get a proper waste management assessment for your property and do your due diligence to ensure environmental compliance.

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Environmental Compliance Audits

This assessment will help you align your organizational goals to avoid endangering your surroundings.

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Environmental Plans and Reports

Get tailored environmental plans and reports to the specific requirements of your industry.

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Industrial hygiene services

Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

We’ll test your workplace environment for excessive noise and toxic substances for worker safety.

Projexiv Environmental’s industrial hygiene services are designed to identify, evaluate, and control workplace hazards that can lead to injury or illness. Our team of certified industrial hygienists is experienced in conducting comprehensive assessments of the workplace environment to identify potential hazards, and develop appropriate solutions to ensure the safety of workers.

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We are an environmental consulting firm specializing in environmental compliance/permitting, due diligence assessments, and industrial hygiene services while focusing on cost-effective and innovative solutions.
Our clients recognize us as a high-quality technical service provider that can help with environmental compliance and due diligence needs.
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